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The Undergraduate Human Microbiome Study

What is Mycrobes?

Mycrobes is a student organization dedicated to promoting and discussing current human microbiome research, as well as conducting our own annual student-run research project.

The main portion of the study was completed in November 2016. We are currently analyzing the 16S sequencing data. Stay tuned for our results!

“We are so excited to collaborate on this project to test how Soylent changes the gut microbiome. We hope to find some interesting data and further scientific curiosity in this field!”

Jessica Richman

CEO, uBiome

Impact of Soylent Consumption on Human Microbiome Composition

Our first project is to characterize the effect of Soylent consumption on gut bacteria community composition. We’ve fully crowdfunded our study through Experiment.com and have partnered with uBiome to DNA sequence our gut bacteria.